Content Marketing Trends


The world of content marketing is dynamic. In this day and age where everything marketing is done digitally, it’s not something you set up and forget about. Due mostly to one factor: its efficacy, content has evolved into the core of branding, lead generation, and even sales initiatives across inbound and sponsored channels.

You may always be adjusting your approach to content marketing if you have more access to data and a better grasp of your customer’s interests.

We’re discussing new trends in content marketing that have grown in popularity recently for individuals looking for what’s in, what’s effective, and what’s next. And how they relate to general trends in digital marketing as we approach the following year. Discover their significance and how to include a marketing plan.

Trend 1: Personalized Content

A more sophisticated method of communication that caters to the particular needs of a savvy customer is required. It matters because customer expectations have evolved and it’s crucial to be pertinent to what a customer wants to know.

Personalization gives you a competitive advantage as well. The evidence for this is that brands that use tailored lead nurturing see a 20% boost in sales opportunities.

Nearly all aspects of personalization rely on data. Therefore, your chances of developing messaging that is more meaningful increase as you have to access to more client data. Determine the kind of data you require, such as demographics, priorities, preferences, objections, and how they use what you have to offer.

You won’t have a lot of data to work with at first. It’s a good start if you can get a lead to provide you with their name and email address for just one piece of content. Third-party sources can be used to find further information, and you’ll also learn what topics the prospect was most interested in.

Make a campaign with a name, email address, and content topic that sends emails with more pertinent content to those who fulfill these criteria. You will then be able to monitor if they open the email and which links, they select. More personalization is possible the more frequently they connect with your business.


Trend 2: Influencer Marketing Is Evolving

For brands, influencer marketing has produced excellent outcomes. For buyers, social proof is essential. More than any other influencing elements, they heavily rely on it. In fact, according to Nielsen, 92% of consumers prefer a personal recommendation to a brand.

Influencer marketing’s core principles will not change. The way that brands employ it will vary. Brands appear to be moving away from quantity and toward quality. While in the past it could have been the consensus to obtain as many endorsements as possible. Now the focus should be on the influencer’s qualifications and reliability.

You must establish the requirements for an influencer to collaborate with your company if you want to liven up your influencer marketing. Then, to grab their attention, develop a campaign just for these influencers. Keep doing this to strengthen your connection with those that react. Once influencers are participating in marketing, monitor your statistics to make sure the investment is justified.

Trend 3: Embracing Live Video

Brands are employing video in content marketing, that much is obvious. Every day, millions of films are produced on virtually every subject imaginable. Even while videos aren’t new, several brands are finding success with live videos.

With live video, it’s still possible that the events that follow will not be predetermined. When your brand travels the globe, the live video makes a lot of sense. Stream lives from your exhibit during a trade show. You might also demonstrate something from the industry if it applies to your brand. You have a variety of fascinating options available to you with live video.

These are just a few of the content marketing trends that will develop throughout the rest of this year and into the following one. These patterns don’t signify significant shifts. They provide distinct techniques to enhance your content marketing to draw in the leads and new clients you’re trying to get.

Trend 4: Automated Content Creation

Many marketers are looking for innovative and efficient alternatives to freelancers to produce content. As these technologies advance and get more complex, we might soon start to see marketers creating content using robotic algorithms. Simple content is increasingly being produced by automated algorithms for a variety of sectors, including journalism and finance.

Soon, new tools will be accessible to assist marketers in gathering and producing fresh content from all the data provided by social media users worldwide. This was demonstrated by Twitter’s Project Lightning, which builds new stories using tweets’ photos, posts, videos, and other content.

Trend 5: The Written Word Speaks Louder

The written word still dominates content marketing, despite the cool and exciting nature of Snapchat and Instagram. Anyone who wants to pay attention will quickly realize the issue: the writing is frequently, to put it mildly, subpar.

Most marketers simply never received any formal training in the beautiful art and science of writing. It is the same as expecting them to be able to create outstanding graphics or a catchy theme song to have excellent writing skills.

Because of this, 2018 could be the year that online writing and blog management services finally receive the attention they rightfully need and the technological components of writing are acknowledged as being crucial.


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