The essential blueprint of TikTok marketing

It’s time for us to all stop rolling our eyes at TikTok and start paying attention to it. What was once the only domain of online teenagers is now a platform that accepts users of all ages.

Millions of users spend hours there, trapped in a never-ending scroll of content. Additionally, you are missing a substantial open goal if you are not promoting your brand here.

So, this is the definitive guide to TikTok marketing. You’ll discover what makes it special as a platform, who uses it, what kind of content to provide, and—possibly most importantly—how to divert traffic from it to your landing page.

What Makes TikTok powerful

Short-form entertainment like TikTok and Vine appeared like an affront to the intelligence of many individuals, especially those who had aged out of youth. TikTok is a turning point that represents the demise of advanced civilization, right? Wrong.

With content that lasts 30 seconds, it’s simple to take a chance. If the video doesn’t blow your mind, you’ve just sacrificed a tiny bit of time. It’s like playing with house money. More emphasis is being placed on producing content in more conventional formats, such as blog posts, ebooks, videos, and white papers.

Videos on TikTok are compelling because they are so brief. Even if you come across one you don’t like, scrolling past it in a few seconds will not harm you. The auto-plays and auto-loops are the app’s second deception on you. You are left chasing the next laugh, then the next laugh, and the next one because they are persistent.

Platforms for social media are made to keep you scrolling and interested. TikTok is without a doubt the best app for this.

It is comparable to when a trusted friend gives you something you want without your asking for it or even recognizing you need it. You’ve likely visited YouTube to view a movie trailer only to find yourself looking at chicken tikka masala recipes 45 minutes later. Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us.

Which Type of Content Works?

In-feed ads

The established strategy for promoting your brand is through in-feed advertisements. You can pay to have your message displayed on peoples’ screens, just like a banner in a newspaper or an advertisement on TV.

This strategy works well because it ensures exposure to the target market. It does cost money, though, and some individuals might not like the idea of your brand fragmenting customers’ experiences.

Unfortunately, Tiktok ad content cannot yet include keywords. Making your material show in the “search” section, above the “what others look for,” is a clever trick you may employ for your adverts.

This successfully places your brand on the feeds of your target audience, as correctly targeted keyword placement does.

And now that your brand’s picture is in front of the appropriate audience in the appropriate location, you need to provide the proper content. People will dismiss it as traditional advertising interfering with their in-app experience if it is a generic “please buy” piece.

The key is to create content that focuses on helping your target audience solve their problems or realize their objectives. Once you’ve got their attention with that, you use a CTA to point them in the direction of your landing page, where they can find what they were looking for initially.

Influencer marketing

There are influencers all over the internet, but TikTok has most of them. On TikTok, you can work with well-known content producers to use or promote your goods.

A transparently funded campaign is a hollow promotion, thus the more genuine and sincere the collaboration, the better.

Consider the possibility of working with an influencer who has relevant knowledge, expertise, or consumer connections. In that instance, it will shatter whatever trust existed between your brand and its followers.

Branded content

Numerous companies, like Apple Music, Chipotle, The Washington Post, and ESPN, have their TikTok channels.

Your brand can be given a vibrant personality and an engaging voice. Be careful to adhere to the platform’s essence, though. It is a platform for short-form content that aims to be personal, retractable, and dialogical.

Just visit the Smart Copy Tiktok channel under the Unbounce brand. Here, we have amusing content that relates to and mocks the issues of our target audience while subtly offering a solution. The fact that there isn’t a direct sale on the channel is what I like best about it and what makes it successful. The bio links to Unbounce’s product landing page and gives relatable content that viewers truly want to see!


Hashtags matter, as we’ve already stated. So naturally, continually incorporate pertinent hashtags into your material. You’ll also want to create your own, though.

In other words, if you make your content or product related to these trending hashtags, people will see you.

Make the Most of TikTok with Optimized Landing Pages

Tiktok marketing is important because it is becoming more and more popular across all demographics. You should use it as there’s a significant possibility your target market is already doing so.

Additionally, you now understand that hashtags, influencer marketing, branded content, and in-feed ads are the most effective ways to reach them with your business. However, TikTok has a greater bounce rate than other social media platforms, therefore you need a solution that will prevent visitors from leaving your landing pages.

Unbounce lowers bounce rates on an app created to keep users from leaving, which is beneficial for TikTok marketing. You can construct distinctive, highly effective landing pages with Smart Builder that have rapid copy generation and up to 30% higher conversions. Moreover, more conversions equal greater leads, sales, and signups!


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